Are Organic Foods Right For You?

Today, many people are familiar with the word “organic food.” Many are opposing GMO foods because of the awareness created by the media and by the other people. You must, however, be wondering what the labels mean and whether organic foods are really right for you. Here is why organic foods could be right for you.

Produced organically

Organic foods are produced in a certain manner. However, they must be grown in safe soil and must be kept away from traditionally produced foods. Only then can they be called organic. These foods are safe and they contain fewer pesticides, are produced using natural fertilizers as compared to traditional chemical based fertilizers. Moreover, organic farming is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the soil. It is also free of GMO. Genetically engineered foods are prepared from plants that have been genetically modified or whose DNA has been altered in such a way that it cannot occur in nature.

Better for the environment

Organic farming is not only better for the environment, but it is also used to produce foods that would not harm the systems of the consumers. Organically raised animals as well as plants are good for the health of the persons consuming them. Moreover, these animals are not given any antibiotics and these plants are raised on natural fertilizers rather than on chemical based fertilizers. No hormones are used in the growth of the plants or the animals if they are produced organically.

Organic food is GMO free

Where GMO foods are unhealthy for everyone to consume and are produced using chemical fertilizers, organic foods are not produced in the same fashion as traditionally produced foods or GMO foods. They are produced in a manner that would be healthy for all. It is, therefore, safer to consume organic foods for your health.

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