Benefits of Baby Organic Food and Organic Farming Methods

Organic foods are produced without usage of fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones. Organic foods are environment friendly. The digestive system of an infant is more efficient in absorbing foods when compared with adults. During the growth phase nervous system, digestive system and circulatory system will develop fast. Also the kidneys of infants are so sensitive and can’t get rid of harmful substances which are used to grow the conventional foods. Often baby’s diet will be restricted to less processed food. Good nutrition is important for a baby because he or she have to sustain for the rest of life. In India organic farming is practiced since ancient times.

Benefits of Baby organic food and organic farming methods:

Organic farming is done without using any harmful substances. Some of the organic farming methods are as follows. Clover which is used in farming has nitrogen which makes soil better. Crop rotation is a technique which is used to grow various types of crops in the same area according to the season. This method is used to control weeds and diseases. Vermi-compost is highly rich in nutrients. Vermi-composting is also one of the organic farming methods. Vermi-composting is the method to prepare compost by using earthworms. Earth worms consume biomass and will excrete it in the digested form called as worm casts which are popularly known as Black gold. As these casts are rich in nutrients which is beneficial for soil micro flora.  Vermicompost is a good soil conditioner and also helps in reducing the toxicity of heavy metals. It also helps in reducing the population of pathogenic microbes. Green manure is also one of the methods used in organic farming. The application of twigs and leaves of trees, shrubs is known as green leaf manuring. Trees in the forests, plants growing in waste lands are the best sources of this method. This method improves the structure of soil and also decreases soil loss. This method also reduces the growth of weeds.

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