Did You Know? Unknown Facts About Organic Food

Before you make the choice between organic and non-organic food, learn 10 interesting facts about organic food which you may surprise you. Just read on..

  1. Highly beneficial for pregnant women and young kids
    Organic food makes the best choice for pregnant women and young kids. This is due to the fact the fetuses and young kids may get harmed by getting exposed to even low level of pesticides. So, organic food makes the ideal option!
  2. More Expensive than non-organic food
    Do you know that organic food is more expensive than non-organic food? The price can sometimes be 50 percent higher or even more. But when compared with the benefits it offer, the price difference may not matter.
  3. Use of Pesticides
    Most of the people believe that organic food do not contain pesticides. But it is actually not true. Some of the organic food products may contain pesticides, as long as the pesticides are not synthetic.
  4. Organic food are not just for the rich
    Typically organic food are expensive and for this reason usually they are not accessible to the people will low income level. But now, some of the big names in the industry like Walmart are trying to make organic food affordable, thereby making it accessible to people of all income group.
  5. Organic food is not a new concept
    Do you know that before World War II, all the food items will organic? It is true! Afterwards, people started using chemicals, pesticides and other products to minimize insects, rodents and weed damage!
  6. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Exposure
    People who eat organic meat are less exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  7. Organic Milk Fact
    Do you know that in the beverage market, organic milk is the fastest growing sector? Surprised? It is a fact!
  8. Reduced Pesticide Level in Children’s Urine
    The children who consume organic food have reduced pesticide level in their urine.
  9. Rinsing Fact
    Even though you may rinse non-organic vegetables and fruits, but that does not mean that it will completely remove the pesticides. The pesticides may get washed off from the surface but not from within the flesh.
  10. Percentage of Organic Food in the U.S
    According to recent studies, just 6 to 8 percent of the American crops are without genetic modification and are organic.

Aforementioned are the 10 interesting and unknown facts about organic food. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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