Health benefits of consuming organic food

Organic food refers to food that is produced using organic farming. In organic farming, modern synthetic inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used. Also, organic food is not processed using irradiation, a process in which food is exposed to radiation, chemical food additives and chemical solvents. Therefore, organic food is always safe for consumption. Research has shown that organic food has more antioxidants than food grown using conventional methods. Antioxidants are essentially nutrients that are important for the body and they help prevent cancer.

More and more consumers are choosing organic food over food grown by conventional methods because the former eradicates the use of pesticides. According to a research paper published in ‘Environmental Health Perspectives’, majority of organophosphorus pesticide exposure in human beings comes from the consumption of food. And excess exposure to organophosphorus pesticide can hinder neurodevelopment, which ultimately results in autism among children, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other impairments.

Meat and milk from organically raised animals have higher nutritional value than meat and milk from animals that are raised using conventional methods. In fact, milk from organically raised cows and goats has a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Organically raised animals are not given antibiotics; they are fed organically grown feed. This is the reason why meat and milk from organically raised animals have low doses of antibiotic residues, and this leads to low antibiotic resistance among human beings. As such, it becomes easier to prevent and treat infections.

Organic food is slowly but surely gaining popularity in India. Though organic food costs higher when compared to normal grains and fruits, it is worth the price. With greater awareness of the benefits of consuming organic food, people are switching from food grown using conventional methods to food grown organically. Apart from enhancing the health of human beings, organic food tastes better too. This is because vitamins and minerals are retained in vegetables and fruits while farming, which gives food its flavour. For example, organic ketchup tastes like fresh tomatoes whereas non-organic ketchup tastes like artificially created tomato flavouring.

When farmers grow food organically, the soil and drinking water supplies do not get contaminated with pesticides and insecticides, making it safe to consume water from taps. It is said that many pesticides do not disintegrate in water and remain in water systems for years, which is harmful for human beings. So, by consuming organic food, we reap the benefits both directly and indirectly.

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