Is Organic Food Expensive

One of the questions that people have during these times of inflation is whether organic food is expensive or not. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In fact, organic farming used to be the traditional way of farming in the olden days. But when farmers came to know that by using pesticides and fertilizers they could increase their production, thereby reducing costs, they started to follow this method. This effectively spelt a death knell for organic farming. Nowadays, organic farming is back in popularity. However, the products derived from this method are more expensive than those derived from conventional methods.

Organic farming requires a lot of human labor to complete the tasks that are done by chemicals in conventional farming. This naturally increases the cost in terms of wages being paid to the laborers. The other reason for the costs going up is that the demand for these kinds of food products is increasing by the day, but the supply is not keeping pace with the demand. Naturally, in such a situation the prices are bound be quite high. Conventional farming uses chemical fertilizers to help the crops grow, however organic farming uses compost and animal manure, which is more expensive to ship.

Organic farmers do not use chemical weed killers. Instead, they use crop rotation techniques to keep the soil fresh and healthy. These cover crops add nitrogen to the soil and helps in the crops that are planted subsequently. But the problem is that this method takes time and the crops cannot be grown quickly. That is why the farmers are not able to harvest large quantities of crops that conventional farming is able to achieve on a regular basis. It is because of all these factors that one finds that organic food is more expensive than conventional food.