Marketing Organic Food

Many producers find that growing organic food is easier than marketing it. It is not unusual for farmers to be better at running their farms than competing in the marketplace. But just as farmers invest the time to learn the art of growing crops it is equally important that they learn the skills to sell their products.

The first thing to do is to communicate the usefulness of organic foods clearly to the customer. While there is plenty of information on this type of farming, there are also many people who are unaware of the health benefits of these types of products. Therefore, organic food producers should either start their own campaigns or get themselves involved in campaigns that talk about the benefits of these types of food products. They should particularly focus on how these products are free of pesticides.

The next thing that marketers can do is to focus on what their target market is going to be. These kinds of food products are rather expensive. It is therefore out of the range of low income buyers. It would be a good idea for sellers to aim their efforts at those who are in the high income range. This way they will know that they are going to get good prices for their products. There are many sellers in India who find that it is easy for them to get high revenues by exporting their products overseas. Markets in North America and Europe have a high demand for these products.

Many marketers sell their produce to restaurants. This might take a bit of convincing in the beginning. Many restaurant owners would want to know why they should pay money for organic products when they can pay less and get conventional produce at a cheaper rate. This is where the seller should really employ his negotiation skills and get the restaurant owner to agree to the deal. If the seller were to be successful, he would find a regular customer for his products.

There are also many fairs held all over India where organic food items are being sold. It is common to find such fairs in the big metros like Bangalore. This offers the chance for many sellers to talk directly to the buyer and explain to them the opportunity to try some of these products. This will also allow sellers a chance to interact with other producers and share tips and experiences.

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