The Most Popular Organic Food Categories

The crude agricultural systems and techniques with restricted and up-to-the minute artificial inputs generate organic foods. Some of the most popular organic food categories are baby foods, apples, milk, cantaloupes and grapes. Babies have a weak immune system in comparison to adults and are, therefore, more susceptible to various kinds of infections. Non organic food mixed with chemicals forms the food items for babies.

Apples have large quantities of pesticides. A single apple, on examination, was found to have seven chemicals. This is a good basis for changing over to raw produce, which is free of pesticides. It is better eating apples cautiously and not drink it in the form of juice. The grains on which the dairy cow feeds are mixed deeply with chemicals. These chemicals turn up in the milk.

The greatest durable chemicals spoil the cantaloupes quite frequently. They are mixed with a cancer causing and poisonous insecticide, known as Dieldrin. This poisonous insecticide is present in the roots of cantaloupes and is very harmful. Even grapes are mixed with different chemicals, and it is healthier to eat the skin of the grapes rather than the grapes alone.

Hence, the mixing of organic food with many different types of chemicals and pesticides and are quite injurious to health.

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