Why to take Organic Food?

Present generation has suddenly turned towards organic products, especially organic foods. The food that is completely free from chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Present generation is aware about the dangers of food products that are produced with the help of fertilizers and pesticides. With the turn of most of the celebrities to organic food, most of the present generations are giving importance of organic food. It is all the benefits provided organic food that made this food the favorite of most of the people besides of age and profession.

Here are some of the benefits that say why you should take organic food.

  • Organic food contains or lower or zero level of pesticides. Around 70% of the pesticides used or presented in conventional food are prevented in the production of organic food. You can take the food in its original taste without any fear.
  • Organic foods are free from synthetic addictives. These foods are free from artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, sulphites and nitrates. These foods not make use of monosodium glutamate and artificial sweeteners. Organic foods are sweetened and preserved naturally with grape, honey and juice.
  • Organic food is rich in nutrients. The natural production method of organic food makes it rich in salicylic acid, iron, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. All these nutrients are essential for your body and health. You can enjoy good health with your diet rich in organic foods.
  • Growth hormones and antibiotics are not used in organic livestock production. In most of the cases growth hormones and antibiotics are injected in cattle to speed up the growth to make then fatter and larger to deliver more meat. On the other hand in organic cattle, they are allowed with their natural time to get growth. This assures best cattle products free from any sort of side effects.
  • GE seeds are not used for the production of organic foods. Farmer concentrating on organic food generates the seeds naturally. They never make use of seeds developed through genetic engineering. They make use of natural compost that is food for the soil and also for the foods.

These are just a few important benefits of organic food. As it is said that good food is the best medicine for most type of diseases, people using organic food is said to have healthy immune system and other body systems. Now the time is yours to include organic foods in your diet.


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